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Here is a list of our dedicated employees. They are all assets to this company as they go above and beyond normal duties of their jobs. Each of their contact information is listed below their photo, to help you connect to every employee directly. It is very important to get to know the company who will be handling your finances. When times get tough, our staff is there to help you. Every employee has been through their own financial struggle. That is what helps the staff connect to the community in a way you would never think of. It can be difficult to understand what someone is going through if they have not been through it themselves. Let our staff help you obtain the funds you are in need of. No matter the reason or explanation you have, our loan services are offered to you. We look forward to helping all of our customers with their financial assistance. Contact us today.

Kenneth Simmons
Meet Kenneth. Kenneth is the President of Express Loans Of America. With over 20 years of financial background, he has driven this company to new heights.
Sarah Bradley
Vice President
Meet Sarah. She has worked for this company for 10 years and has achieved the VP position. With her expertise, we have achieved financial growth over the last 10 years.
Cora Hayes
Payday Loan Manager
Meet Cora. She is truly an asset to the company. She strives everyday to improve the efficiency of our Payday Loan department. Thank you for your dedication.
Courtney Williams
Payday Loan Specialist
Meet Courtney. She is our leading Payday Loan Specialist. She has been with our company for five years. Come see her today to get your loan started.
Sandra Armstrong
Cash Advance Specialist
Cash Advance Specialist Meet Sandra, our newest Cash Advance Specialist. Sandra brings great attitude and professionalism to the team.
Andrew Thompson
Business Loan Specialist
Meet Andrew. He is our Business Loan Specialist. He has helped hundreds of small businesses to get business loans.
Austin Arredondo
Title Loan Specialist
Meet Austin, our Title Loan Specialist. He is fluent in Spanish and is a great asset to our company. He has been with our company for over eight years.
Kendrick Leon
Mortgage Lender Specialist
Meet Kendrick. He is our Mortgage Lender Specialist. With over 125 mortgage loans given in one month, he has won our Employee Dedication Award. Great job!

Our Customers

Payday Loan is your secure sourse for fast loan now, no matter where you are. Outstanding service 24/7.

Jennifer Graves

Jennifer Graves


I am thankful for being able to get loan I need very easily and fast. Thank you Express Loans of America!

Jill Jefferson

Jill Jefferson

Sales Rep.

Express Loans of America helped me with a few business loans to get my company up and running. These guys deserve your trust.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos



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